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The divided, United States of America

    This is a outline of all the major independence and secession movements in North America.

  • Hawaii The Nation of Hawaii, January 16, 1994 Hawaii restores the Independence of the Sovereign Nation-State of Hawai'i.
  • Texas The Republic of Texas, December 13, 1995 The rebirth of the Sovereign Nation of The Republic of Texas. International Court of Justice, cause #94135
Others seeking independence
America's Neighbor's have substantial independence movements:
  • Cree The Cree people have an 1993 agreement with Canada for a separate Territory in Northern Quebec.
  • Nunavut A new territory in Canada is to be established on April 1, 1999. The aboriginal "Inuit" people will have their own government. The Inuit will give up their aboriginal land rights to self govern this new territory.
  • Quebec French speaking Quebec seeks to secede from Canada. In 1995 the vote for Quebec's Independence was denied by a small percentage.

    Others seeking independence in Canada

  • Ontario Independence With Quebec's secession imminent, Ontario is seeking to form an independent country.
  • The Western Canada Concept They seek to have the Northwest Territory secede from Canada, creating a independent country.
  • Chiapas The Zapatistas (EZLN) are fighting for a independent state of indigenous people. "..the Army that woke up the world on January 1, 1994 by seizing 4 towns in Chiapas,.."
  • Guerrero The Popular Revolutionary Army or EPR is said to have made it's first major clashes in it's one year old effort. Rebels seek democracy and the improvement of economic conditions for it's followers.
  • Nuevo Leon They Seek an Independent State within Mexico.

Against New World Order

Government Oppression
    The implementation of The New World Order has caused a lot of unrest throughout the USA. In reaction to government oppression citizens have formed militia's. The United States Constitution allows for the creation of a unorganized militia.

  • Invasion In 1994, something took place in the American Northwest. Here is the news report from that event.
  • U.S. Constitution This is the article that makes reference to the creation of militia's

Local Topics
  • What is happening to our hometown born. "In recent years there have been local born citizens that have not returned home."
    Some good info on the New World Order & how our rights are being striped away, are we headed for a totalitarian state ( WORLD ) !!! This is not a question ! The mass's are as cattle being led to the " Auswhitch " . Here is yet another WAKE UP CALL !!!
    My friends, brothers & sisters it is my deepest desire to avert the seemingly unavoidable disaster that is falling down on top of us all. Soon there will be no stoping it, if it can be stoped now. I beleive there is still time, IF ENOUGH PEOPLE WAKE UP NOW !!!

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