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Public Domain Modern English Search

Word or phrase:
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Consult the browsing bibliography below to identify IDs. Most consist of three to ten letters. Please use all to search all works simultaneously. Restricted searches will not generate results faster than searches of the entire collection.

For sets larger than 100 results, view:

Other types of searches

It is also possible to perform searches that combine words or phrases within a specified proximity to each other, or to find segments such as pages where two words or phrases both occur.

You may browse the list of texts in the Collection and view the full text of an individual work in HTML or (if you have Panorama or another SGML-compliant browser) SGML.

Restricting searches

Please consult the online Bibliography (above) to identify IDs. Most consist of seven to ten letters, beginning with three letters of the author's name (e.g., DoyAdve for Doyle, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes). Partial IDs are permitted and result in searches across several works (e.g, Doy for Doyle). Please use all to search all works simultaneously. Restricted searches will not generate results faster than searches of the entire collection.

About this collection

This is an experimental service providing dynamic access to a large and growing collection of texts in SGML using the TEI "pocket" DTD for markup. A preliminary stylesheet and navigator are also available for the TEI DTD. Texts have been encoded locally from publicly accessible text collections (e.g., Online Book Initiative), gathered from SGML text collections (e.g., Oxford Text Archive), or contributed individuals (e.g, Jeffery Triggs, North American Reading Program, OED).

The texts are stored as a single collection using the markup as the foundation for the database structure and access and Open Text's PAT as the search engine. Currently, the collection is approximately 100Mb. Questions may be sent to hti-info@umich.edu (Humanities Text Initiative at the University of Michigan). Support is provided to University of Michigan faculty, staff, and students. An article on an early implementation of this system is available online.

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